New Year’s Eve 1965 valjean56

”L-R – Not sure who the first two ladies are, but that’s Grandma (Margaret), Aunt Mary, Mom (Marianne) and Aunt Mill (Millicent).”


                                Deanna Durbin decked out like a christmas tre.

                                Happy birthday to me!

Sagittarius is regarded as the luckiest sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Sagittarius is the more philosophical sign within the zodiac. Sagittarius is depicted in the sky as a centaur, with the body and four legs of a horse but the upper torso of a man. Sagittarius is not a diplomatic sign and Sagittarius likes to tell the truth. Sagittarius is said to be so freedom-loving as to sometimes be directionless or lawless. Sagittarius is driven by the need “to understand”. The sagittarian’s tongue is sharp. Sagittarians have excellent memories and can remember even the smallest incidents of their lives, with the minutest of details. Sagittarius is an idealist. A typical Sagittarius fears nothing.

Helena i snön, med näbbskor.

1800-talet är närgånget på Sofielund – nu har Helena inget kylskåp. Rätt årstid för det iofs, men ändå.

Grain is good.

Bylta på sig. Min vante säger hej.

Det ska va en tupp i år.

Julgranar till salu vid Folkets Hus. Brasinslaget var nytt.


”This is my great grandmother. At age 4 her father wanted to send her to Europe to school and her mother, my great great grandmother, cried and pleaded to let her stay in the United States. He agreed but insisted she stay at boarding school. She cried every night and only saw her parents on holidays. Ironically enough, she was the only student that lived at the school. All the rest of the students would go home every night.

She went to a fancy girls finishing school where she was walking on her way to church with her chaperone and walked by a young college man accompanied by his fraternity mascot (a dog) who mistook her muff for another dog and began barking. They struck up a conversation and were married two years later and were alone first time without a chaperone on their wedding night.

They had seven children and when she said enough was enough, he went to the family priest who forbade birth control. They fought about it enough until she inherited her father’s money and presented him with divorce papers. He went back to the church and punched the priest in the mouth. She represented herself and won the highest child support ever awarded to a woman in Pennsylvania. They never spoke again, using children and servants to relay messages but he would often park outside in front of her house, never coming to the door, and she never coming out.

At the end of her life, she ran out of money and he helped support her via the children. They both died of a stroke within months of each other.”

                                                            photo and story – JeffStoffa