Kościół św. Piotra i Pawła, Kraków

Church of St. Peter & St. Paul.

Founded by Sigismund III Vasa, king of Poland and Sweden. Have to admit my knowledge of the Swedish-Polish union is more than a little rusty. But in short – he was a crappy king which led to lots of wars between Poland & Sweden in the mid 17th c., called The Deluge. 

”During the wars the Commonwealth lost ca 40% of its population (WHAT?) as well as its status as a great power. According to Prof. Andrzej Rottermund, manager of the Royal Castle in Warsaw,  the destruction of Poland in the deluge was more extensive than the destruction of the country in WW2. As Rottermund claims, Swedish invaders robbed the Commonwealth of its most important riches, and most of it was never returned to Poland.”

Sorry about that. 


Dawno temu na Kazimierzu 

Once upon a time in Kazimierz

Singer, Kraków

As in the sewing machine.

vecka 6 / week 6